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10 Super Creative Ways to Announce a New Baby

Posted on 17 May 2017

10 Creative Baby Announcements!


There are both good and bad situations to announce that you’re pregnant.

Amongst close friends and family? Good. While giving a eulogy during a funeral? Not so good.

And then there are creative ways. Here are some of our favorites:

1. Send a sonogram as part of your holiday card – it brings new meaning to the term “Santa Baby.” 


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2. Let your other children announce it. Having grandma and grandpa learn the news from the little ones is sure to melt their hearts. 

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3. Use creative art – you might take a picture of a baby bottle between two champagne glasses or a picture of a tricycle behind two mountain bikes. 

(photo cred: Jacque Davis)

4. Send out a picture of a stork and nothing else – wait for people to put it together. 

5. Use your pets – take a picture of your dog announcing that its getting a new baby for its birthday. 


6. Host a baby dinner – serve “baby” foods including baby back ribs, baby carrots, and baby corn.  

7. Send out save the dates – these are generally used for weddings, but why not use them for due dates too? 

8. Give grandparent gifts to your mom and dad – hand out World’s Best Grandma/Grandpa mugs, for instance. 

(courtesy of Mugnifique

9. Install a car seat in your husband’s vehicle – don’t say anything else. 


10. Write a poem or a song – Roses are red, violets are blue, I hope you like diapers, and not sleeping, too!


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