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10 survival strategies for your toddler's birthday!

Posted on 17 May 2017

10 Strategies For Surviving Your Child’s Birthday Party Without Laying the Smack Down 

A child’s birthday party can be a great, fun day! But it can also be a pain in the butt. 

You have to deal with the whining, the tears, the temper tantrums... and that’s just from your spouse! Now add in tiny humans hopped up on sugar to the mix and you might as well start on Mommy's special "happy juice". It's 5 o'clock somewhere, right?

But we believe it’s certainly possible to have a jolly good time!

Just try some of our tricks from our very own toddler birthday survival guide:  

1. Ask people to RSVP and mean it – the last thing you need is fifteen extra people showing up announcing that they’re starving.

2. Buy cheap party favors – this is the reason Amazon exists. Glorious, glorious Amazon. 

3. Avoid overkill – your one-year old probably doesn’t need a pony or a special appearance by Mickey Mouse 

4. Employ a theme – it makes the planning and decorating easier.  

5. Host outside your home – if you throw the party at a park or a kid’s center, you don’t have to clean your house beforehand, and cleaning up afterwards is usually easier too

6. Make sure there’s something for everyone – most parties feature children of different ages, so make sure the activities are wide-ranging enough to keep all entertained.  


7. Plan for something to
go wrong – poop in the ball pit? Puke on the piñata? It’s only a matter of time, so have strategies in place to deal, and remember to remain calm. 

8. Prepare for chaos – kids need to move, run, and play. Throwing a party that features a formal tea party won’t go as you might hope 

9. Know that you can’t please everyone –  concentrate on pleasing your child. This party is about them, after all.   

10. Help the parents have a good time two words: open bar! 🎉


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