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10 Wickedly Funny Halloween Ideas for Babies & Toddlers

Posted on 04 October 2017

10 Wickedly Funny Halloween Ideas for Babies & Toddlers

Yep, it’s that time of year again! Halloween – the day when our children wake up as vampires and werewolves, princesses and goblins.

From pumpkins to pranks to the increase in sugar-induced dental bills, October 31st is mired in tradition, naturally, but there’s plenty of room for creativity as well.

This is especially true when it comes to costumes... Sometimes, it’s fun to think outside the box of Junior Mints.

So, what are some unique costumes or outfits for your kiddos? They include:

1.) Move Witch…Get Out of the Way (I Need my Candy) Shirt:



Especially great for all the Ludacris & gangsta rap fans. Quick and easy, this tee is appropriate for the entire season. And it’s a valuable teaching lesson – never get in the way of a little kid and sugar.

2.) Eleven from Stranger Things:

The tiny dictator behind Fayfaire, Halloween 2016

If you have a baby, odds are they’re already sporting Eleven’s haircut! Stranger Things is wildly popular because of its weirdness, creativity, and nod to the 1980s (represent in your leg warmers!). And this costume will be wildly popular too.

3.) The Stay Puft Marshmallow Man:


When you’ve got the rolls, put ‘em to work. Most of the year, chubby baby rolls might be pinchably delicious (and a bathtime nightmare), but when Halloween rolls around, it’s time to exploit your God-given chub rolls. 

4.) A Super Hero:

It’s a bird. It’s a plane. It’s……wearing Pampers? Super heroes are extremely popular in the modern era (though they’ve always been prevalent). Use this! Dress your toddler up as the Hulk. If they throw a tantrum, you can just chalk it up to the commitment to their character.

5.) The Sun:

Why does the sun make a good costume for your child? It’s simple: it helps celebrate that your little one is indeed the center of the world (or your world, anyway).

6.) Rosie the Riveter:

Break out the bandana, roll up the sleeves, and give a nod to World War II history. “We can do it!” And, by “it,” we mean “use the potty.” 


7.) Octopus:

Anyone who has ever shared a bed with their toddler knows that they’re already part octopus. From punching you in the eye to slapping you across the face, from a finger in your nose to a sweaty arm across your forehead, toddlers already seem to have eight arms. Thus, your costume practically makes itself.

8.) Porcupine:

Do you know what’s even cuter than a little kid? A little kid with quills! You don’t see a lot of porcupine costumes around the neighborhood, which is even more reason to buy one. And it gives your child a sense of self-protection – “You coming for my candy? I will cut you.”


9.) Caillou:

Caillou is a cartoon character that everyone loves to hate. After all, the entire show is about him whining. But he’s also well-known, which makes him a good choice in costume. The choice also gives you more appreciation for your life – Having a bad day? At least you’re not Caillou’s mom or dad.

10.) Last... but not least-- the outfit that EVERY SINGLE PARENT can relate to!

Don’t Scare Me I Poop Easily Shirt:



This tee isn’t limited to Halloween; put it on your child any time! As parents, you know that it’s certainly true – just look at your diaper bill.


Inspired for Halloween Yet? Let us know what your costume for Halloween will be! 

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