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8 Ways to Make Thanksgiving Fun and Stress-free with a Toddler

Posted on 01 November 2017

8 Ways to Make Thanksgiving Fun and Stress-free with a Toddler  


The words “stress-free” and “toddler” don’t exactly go together, especially around the holidays. The tantrums, the potty incidents, and the toys strewn across the house are enough to make even the most cool-headed parents feel a little steamed.

You just have so much other stuff to do – the shopping, the planning, the entertaining Aunt Phyllis because she was nice enough to fly in from Kenosha.   



But, not all is lost! There are a few ways to help survive turkey day with a toddler in tow. And, no, you won’t even have to put little Sally on Craigslist.  (JK Sally, your parents love you very much!)  

Instead, try the following: 

Make a plan: 

In the days preceding Thanksgiving, prepare a plan of action. When will you shop for food? When will you cook? What will you do with your children during these times? Don’t wait until Thursday morning to get things in order – plan well in advance. 



Know nothing will go as planned: 

Of course, plans are for people who aren’t parents! It’s certainly necessary to have a plan, yet be prepared for flexibility. Do away with a rigid schedule and instead make a plan that allows for change.  


Ask for help: 

You may be the one hosting dinner, but that doesn’t mean you need to do everything yourself – ask your family members for help. Whether this means dicing and slicing carrots or taking your three-year-old to the park is up to you. But most people are willing to lend a helping hand, particularly if it means eating earlier.  


Stick to a routine: 

Routine is important to kids and the holidays tends to disrupt this. It may be too difficult to stick to your routine without any deviation, but try to adhere as much as possible. If you child still naps, for instance, don’t forgo naptime – you’ll only regret it.  


Keep kids busy: 

The holidays bring about lots of stuff for kids to do – take advantage of these activities! From building snowman in the front yard to making crafts in the kitchen, keeping your kids busy keeps them content. And that keeps you from wondering why you had children in the first place. 




You’re not truly a parent until you’ve resorted to bribery! The holidays are hectic, sure, but they’re also prime-time for blackmail! Remind your kids of this! Oh, you want a new scooter for Christmas? Then I better see you eating some peas! 



Make the meal kid friendly: 

When planning the Thanksgiving feast, be sure to make the meal kid-friendly. In other words, a children’s table is a good idea. Passing around your great-great-grandmother’s antique gravy boat is not. 


Skip the mall: 

Heading to the mall the day after Thanksgiving to throw some elbows and paw at discounted televisions is as American as apple pie. But it’s also stressful…especially with a kid! This year, shop our Black Friday sales from the comfort of your couch (one hand is for typing and the other holds your wine). We’re offering sitewide savings of up to 50% off.



Thanksgiving is a crazy time of year. But the above eases the stress a bit. Ultimately, remember that you don’t have to do everything yourself. You only have two hands, after all. And you need them for texting.  


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