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"Asking for a Friend" - Questions parents are afraid to ask...

Posted on 17 May 2017

Hilarious questions parents are too afraid to ask 😂

We've all been there. You're looking at your kid and they're looking back at you with that funny, suspicious smile on their face that says, "You're not gonna wanna know what's in my diaper" and you ask yourself, "how did we get here, kid?"

As parents, we ask ourselves a lot of questions like "What did my kid put in his mouth?" and "What is on your hand?!" or even "For the love of God, why?!", but the funniest questions we've here are the ones below:

How do you deal with a diaper blowout? 

We can help you with this one! There are awesome shoulder fold seams on all Fayfaire bodysuits to make this process a little less “crappy”. Use them to pull the bodysuit down, instead of pulling it over baby’s head. 


You can read more about it on our blog post, "Amazing Secret of Baby Onesies That Most Moms Don't Know"

Is every parents car a landfill? 

Sadly, yes – they’re mostly full of yogurt, juice, and Cheetos.  


How do I keep my kid happy when I’m trying to watch television? 

Give them an old remote without the battery 

How much wine is too much for a parent to drink? 

Depends on if other supervision is present, both for you and for baby 

(Cute onesies for lush babies available at Fayfaire 😉 )


How do I keep my child from getting up early? 

Use blackmail. Oops! We mean to say blackout curtains 

Do they sell children-sized cages? 

Unfortunately, that’s against the rules. But something that works just as well? A blow-up pool. 

What do I give the child who has everything? 

Give the gift of a “box.” Every child everywhere thinks that boxes rock. 


(or you can put a cool new shirt or onesie in that box 😄 )


Am I being a germaphobe? 

If your child’s in a hazmat suit, the answer’s probably yes. It’s okay for your kids to make messes 

Will I ever poop alone again? 

It’s likely that by the time you do, you will have developed complete and total immunity to embarrassment. 

Where do my child’s socks go?

Not unlike the meaning of life, this question may remain unanswered for all eternity.

Do you have any funny questions we may have missed? Share it with us at the commends below! Or check out more hilarious onesies and toddler tees on


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