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Fun Facts about Baby and Toddler Clothes!

Posted on 26 June 2017

Fun Facts about Baby and Toddler Children's Clothes!

Did you know up until the mid 1800's, children pretty much wore miniature version of their parents clothing? How adorable! Check out our list of fun facts you may not have known about kid's clothes!

1.) Dresses weren't always meant for little girls!

Young little boys used to wear dresses until they were about 5-6 years old! In fact, this practice was still around as recent as the 1940's!

Even boys primarily wear pants nowadays, we still believe in gender neutrality! It's why we designed our Grow With Me Pants to suit both a little girl and a little boy!

2.) Actually, gendered clothing is a relatively modern concept. 

Though it seems that it's common practice to gift blue clothes to baby boys and pink clothes to baby girls, this practice only really began in the 1920's. And, it took another 30 years to become a practice. So really, this tradition of gendered clothing has been around since the 1950's and in the last few years, the tradition has been waning.

Instead of the typical blue or pink clothing, why not try a cute purple or green onesie?

3.) White Cotton -- the choice for kid's clothing!

White cotton in a variety of weights and weaves was the most popular choice for both boys' and girls' clothing in the 19th and early 20th centuries. The cotton is durable against multiple washes and looks pristine and clean after getting starched and pressed. 

White cotton remains popular for modern kids because they are breathable and great for spot-checking any potential spills or accidents!

4.) After World War 2, overalls became a kid staple!

Posts-WW2, there was a rise in kids wearing overalls. Both boys and girls wore this look due to its practicality. We think that years later, it still looks great! (with shirt or no shirt 😉 )

5.) 24 M clothing does NOT equal 2T!

The "T" in kid's clothing stands for toddler and the "M" signifies the number of months a child is. So in theory, a 24M (24 month old) shirt SHOULD be equal to a 2T (2 year old toddler).... right?! 

Wrong. Though the difference is small, the two sizes actually do not equate. The 24 month old shirt is rounder while the 2T shirt is taller. So depending on your baby's size (wide or tall?), you may want to consider getting one over the other. 

But with that said, when in doubt, size up! Kids will ALWAYS grow into their clothes 😉

6.) The MAGIC onesie flap!

The Magic Onesie Flap

We've talked about this before and we'll talk about it some more! Did you know that onesies are designed so you can easily take the baby out of the onesie without pulling it over their heads?

The flap is meant to help parents change a baby's clothes when they've had accidents. It protects the baby from having a face-to-goodnessonlyknowswhatthatwas contact and helps keep a baby clean during these special times.

Well, do you know any other fun baby facts? Share with us on the comments below! Otherwise, check out the FUN collection of children's clothing we have to offer at!

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