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Fun and Stylish Gifts Guide for Your Trendy Tot

Posted on 17 May 2017

Fun Gifts for Trendy Tots! 😎

Got a stylish little tot in your life? Give them the threads they deserve!

Here are our favorite shirts and accessories for the little budding fashionistas in your life. 

1.) Grow with Me - Geo Hippo Pants


This is where fashion meets function! Let your kid grow into these pants :) 

2.) #Blessed 


Who says Mom & Dad are the only ones allowed to hit the bottle then hit the hay ;)

3.) Party At My Crib


The party's always poppin' at the crib!

4.) I Woke Up Like This

 Some kids just wake up lookin' fab! How do they do it?

5.) I Only Date Models

Cuz they're pretty fly for a little guy 😉

Do you have a trendy tot? Share with us and check out more fashionable fits at our store!

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