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Hilarious gifts for a kid with a personality!

Posted on 17 May 2017

Hilarious gifts for a baby with a personality! 🎉

Do you know a baby who's bursting with energy and clever quips? Or one who's perfected the art of looking at you funny? Either way, we've got the perfect baby shower or baptism gifts for them and their parents!

Here are our favorite designs for the little ones who don't need words to express themselves!

1.) Hangry Hangry Hippo


The dangerous state of "h(anger)" dates back to when we were all wee 'lil kids. 

2.) Drink 'Til I Pass Out


Who says Mom & Dad are the only ones allowed to hit the bottle then hit the hay ;)

3.) Party At My Crib


You never know what kind of shenanigans you find at the crib. 

4.) Finest House White


 Baby has good taste. 

5.) I Only Date Models


The little one heard that the Gerber baby might be single...

6.) One of our favorites, No Hair Don't Care


Hair or no hair, there's no stopping this little rebel without a cause. 

Do you know any other ways a tiny human can express him or herself? Share with us on the comments!

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