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Hilariously Puzzling Dad Moments

Posted on 06 June 2017

Hilariously Puzzling Dad Moments 

As we all know, parenting is not an easy task. There are many little moving parts involved including that little one that just keeps on moving. That's why sometimes having a partner in crime to help you raise that little rascal can be a relief. 

Other times, it can be just be downright puzzling. Here are some funny moments that also leave us scratching our heads: 

1.) Can't look at a kiwi the same way...

We understand that a baby's peach fuzz is one of the most adorable features of a new baby. It's why we celebrate it through our onesie, "No Hair, Don't Care", but darn it, after seeing this photo, we just can't look at a kiwi the same way!

2.) Overalls? More like over nothing.

Hilariously Puzzling Dad Moments 

Yes, baby clothing can be really confusing sometimes. Mixing up arm holes for leg holes happen to the best of us. And then there's all of the confusing terms: bloomers, rompers, onesies, shorts, etc. But when the piece of clothing is called "Overalls", you would assume it goes over...all... right? Well, perhaps not.

3.) For the love of-- WHY?! 

Hilariously Puzzling Dad Moments

I have to admit, when I first saw this I had no words... To be honest, I still have no words. I'm just glad that Jeff never handed Faye over to me like this.

4.) Is that a baby or just a tiny human? Gotta make sure not to mix it up. 

Hilariously Puzzling Dad Moments

When it comes to sharing responsibility, clarity and organization is the key. You both know who's responsible for what and at one time. However, sometimes, being organized goes a little too far...


& Of course we can't forget...Jeff's Very Own Hilarious Dad Moments!

The Mystery of the Pooping Baby

Jeff took Faye overnight on a Daddy/Daughter camping trip with some of his buddies & their daughters. When they came home, I was really curious to hear how it went. At first, it seemed like all was normal and they just had a great time...

But then, Jeff mentioned that Faye pooped SIX TIMES during the trip. SIX TIMES! My mommy senses were going off; this was not normal…at all!

So I went all Sherlock Holmes on him until I got him to confess that he was letting her go to town on her favorite food—baby pouches.

Two things to note about the baby bouches I buy for Faye. 

1.) I only buy pouches that are full of greens.

2.) I only buy pouches that are full of fiber.

So, Faye basically ate the equivalent of a tub of Metamucil and came home clean as a whistle. Thanks Dad 😉

Faye's Morning Motivation

Hilarious Dad Moments

I had to leave Jeff & Faye for a six day business trip (my longest stretch of time away from Faye.) Jeff was a superstar dad and did an amazing job while I was gone!

But one night, he forgot to put Faye’s diaper on her before bed.

“Oh, when did you discover that?” I asked, assuming he remembered soon after and had to wake up her to put one on her.

His reply--  “the following morning.”

Needless to say, the morning started out with a bath & a load of laundry.


Do you have hilariously puzzling dad moments? Share them with us now!

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