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FAYFAIRE Clothing Co

New Name, Same Great Company

Posted on 02 December 2016

What’s in a name? Well, nothing and everything. Companies like Google, Nike, and Instagram have made a name for themselves using a word that previously didn’t exist in our vocabulary. Yet—they all now possess a very strong brand and trademark. Our goal for Fayebeline is to someday be a household name, and when we dream big, it’s also important to recognize obstacles that we may face in making those dreams a reality. We had some legitimate concerns that the name “Fayebeline” could face some trademark issues as we grow, and thus we began exploring other names that might be able to better grow with our growing company.

We’re excited to announce that Fayebeline will grow into the future as FAYFAIRE Clothing Co!


fayfaire clothing co logo


So what’s in our name? Well, the inspiration behind it all is our daughter Faye…so naturally we wanted to preserve that connection. The word “faire” means “to give” in French. It also conjures up thoughts of fair-trade. Thus, our vision for this company is to give back in the name of our daughter. We’ll be continuing our partnership with Miracle Babies charity to help NICU babies, and we’re exploring innovative ways to make an even bigger impact as we set the standard for being a socially conscious baby & kids clothing company.

Thanks for joining us on this journey and supporting our family business! The future is bright at FAYFAIRE!

-Emily, Jeff, and Faye

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