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FAYFAIRE Clothing Co

Trendy and Practical Pants for Babies & Toddlers

Grow With Me™ Baby & Toddler Pants, Bear Print


Grow With Me™ Baby & Toddler Pants, Geo Hippo Print


Are you looking for trendy, fun baby or toddler kids clothes?

Do you need a birthday gift or a baby shower gift for a niece, nephew, or grandchild?

Fayfaire has got you covered. We specialize in fun, fashionable, trendy, boutique quality clothing for babies and toddlers. Perfect toddler and baby gift ideas. We understand that your kid’s style is a reflection on you, and it’s simply more fun to make a statement with your little one. With phrases like “I Only Date Models” and "#blessed” you can allow your child’s adorable personality to shine through funny baby onesies or funny toddler tees. Many of our designs use fashion-forward gold and silver foil printing for a premium and attention-grabbing look. We promise that when you leave the house in Fayfaire clothing, you’ll get noticed. Be prepared for many comments from strangers saying what a cute shirt and cute outfit your trendy baby is wearing. No doubt they will ask you for details! It’s a fun way to get noticed and feel proud of your kid.

Our most popular designs are the “I’m This Many” one to five year old birthday shirts. These shirts make the perfect birthday gift and are especially great if you’re having a birthday party. They call attention to the guest of honor (one year old or two year old toddler) with the eye-catching gold foil design. Our toddler birthday shirts are gender neutral – great for a girl birthday or boy birthday party. The black fabric hides stains (including birthday cake!) and washes really well. The best part about these designs is they can be worn all year. If you buy something that says, “I’m the birthday boy” or “I’m the birthday girl” then it will only get worn once. Our durable premium quality designs will last the whole year and help your child to learn how to say how old they are too!

Our entire line of baby clothes and toddler t-shirts, including our baby trucker hats and toddler trucker hats, uses premium, boutique quality cotton. You’ll find the t-shirts are very soft (perfect for new babies), wash well, and the printing stays vibrant without cracking or fading.

When you buy from Fayfaire, not only are you getting a funny baby gift, but you’re supporting our family business as well. We are parents just like you and we started the company not long after our daughter was born. We thought we could use the profits to fill the college fund! As our company has grown, we’ve been able to dream bigger and we became a brand partner of Miracle Babies charity. It’s our honor to donate a baby onesie to every baby in the NICU via Miracle Babies.

We are adding new designs for babies, toddlers and young kids all the time. If you don’t see what you’re looking for, please check back soon. Follow us on Instagram or Facebook to learn about our new designs as soon as they are available.

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