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FAYFAIRE Clothing Co

About Fayfaire

My husband and I started Fayfaire after becoming parents to the world's tiniest dictator. At only one day old, she told us we needed to make more money and insisted that we start a company named after her to make it happen (Faye is now two-and-a-half and she's still the boss.) 

Fayfaire Clothing Co. is a small, family-owned operation. 



Emily & Jeff Signature

Emily & Jeff

Founders of Fayfaire

Did you know Fayfaire gives back?

It's actually pretty hard to start a company named after your daughter and not give a crap about other babies. I mean, "faire" means "to do or make" in despite the fact that we can be a little sarcastic and irreverent at times, the entire company is founded on the premise of "doing in the name of our daughter, Faye."

So, anyhow, in our quest to give back we found a charity called Miracle Babies. They provide financial, emotional, and educational support to families with babies in the Neonatal Intensive Care unit. They are basically amazing human beings and way more awesome & inspiring than we'll ever be! 

We worked with them to design a special "Miracle" onesie for the NICU babies they work with, and we are committed to donating one onesie for every family they help. Here we are, a year later and more than 2,500 onesies donated.

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